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solutions and partnerships.


UtiliCell  specializes in the design, development and integration of  intelligent energy storage and management systems.  Our fully-integrated solutions and custom software applications enable customers to afford and achieve increased power quality, drastic savings and create innovative revenue streams.  UtiliCell partners with progressive stakeholders and leading energy storage technologies to build, own and operate commercial projects in order to deliver better energy storage solutions.

UtiliCell offers cost competitive project development services and energy storage solutions based on our ability to leverage the following assets:

  • Energy storage project development and management experience
  • Leading energy storage modelling and business case analysis techniques
  • An expert understanding of energy storage technologies and electricity markets
  • A business model designed to share technology and project risk
  • Robust project management and oversight capabilities
  • Strong relationships with technology suppliers
  • Stable financial backing and access to capital
  • A strong management team

UtiliCell is partnered with a variety of technology manufacturers that supply batteries, wind, solar, flywheels and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES). We offer a variety of flexible solutions to our clients, providing the most efficient and cost-competitive storage systems to meet their specific technical and financial needs.



  • Accelerate the commercialization of energy storage technologies by owning and developing energy storage assets
  • Provide industry leading solutions and service to our customers
  • Promote system wide energy reliability, flexibility and sustainability
  • Think differently and inspire positive change on the grid
  • Encourage long term, strategic decision making
  • Create high-demand investment opportunities
  • Generate profits with a purpose