Battery Energy

Storage Systems


The main building block of the EnergyVAULT™ Energy Storage Solution is an Energy Storage Module (ESM). This building block consists of:

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Modules Lithium-ion battery modules are arranged in a parallel-series matrix that forms a battery pack, which provides the energy storage element for each ESM. The quantity of modules and packs can be scaled to meet any application.
  • Advanced Battery Management System A sophisticated monitoring system that measures and controls charging and discharging, while optimizing performance and protecting capacity.
  • Grid-TRONIX™ Control System A modern control system architecture that coordinates between the energy storage modules, balance of plant equipment, SCADA, substation automation, and generation control systems. Grid-TRONIX™ monitors and controls to optimize system performance.
  • Advanced Power Electronics A solid-state, industrial-grade power electronics module that convert s AC to DC and DC to AC. The power unit is a 1.5 MVA four-quadrant bidirectional inverter/charger that accepts P and Q commands, in and out.
  • Web User Interface The Web User Interface (WUI) runs on a standard PC with a standard browser. It displays all the status information for the EnergyVAULT™ and allows the operator to control the functions of the EnergyVAULT™.

Additional Features

The UtiliCell EnergyVAULT™ also provides the following:

  • Fully Integrated System The UtiliCell EnergyVAULT™ provides interoperability with the end-users assets and all related components.
  • Speed Sub-second response time to immediately mitigate or asset deviations.
  • Environmental Risk Management No adverse impacts from ongoing operations and a recyclable battery cell design for reclamation of components at their end of life.
  • Corporate Cooperation and Technology Integration Collaboration exists between the power-generation farm owner, the power generation manufacturer, third-party engineering consultants and UtiliCell.
  • Training UtiliCell provides complete on-site system and safety training, including O&M manuals.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance UtiliCell continuously monitors and fine-tunes your system performance to ensure it is running smoothly, including routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Warranty 10 year warranty on battery array* and 20 year warranty on power electronics. Extended warranty and service plans available. *Some restrictions apply

Key Features

  • Battery Racks
  • Control System Rack
  • Fire Supression
  • Thermal Management
  • DC Disconnect Switch
  • Power Conversion System
  • Web User Interface
  • ISO Certified Enclosure


  • Ramp Rate Control
  • Load Balancing
  • Peak Shaving
  • Time Shifting
  • Load Leveling / Following
  • Firming / Shaping / Smoothing
  • Curtailment Support
  • Power Leveling
  • Automatic Generation Control
  • VAR Compensation
  • Voltage Support
  • ISO Market Trading
  • Demand Charge Mitigation
  • Frequency Regulation Up / Down
  • Instant Peaker
  • Non-Spinning Reserve
  • Reserve Capacity
  • Black Start
  • Congestion Relief
  • Transmission & Distribution Deferral
  • Residential / Industrial UPS
  • Islanding Support
  • Micro Grid Power
  • Power Quality and Reliability
  • Power Plant Hybridization