EnergyWatch™ Suite

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EnergyWatch™ Energy Storage Software Suite

The master controller unit comes programmed with EnergyWatch™ Energy Storage Software Suite, which automatically reacts to set points, time clocks, alarms, system source and load conditions, as well as market drivers. EnergyWatch™ comes optional with 17 pre-designed storage applications and can easily be tailored for any custom application. Storage applications can be run simultaneous and sequentially, and may be linked in fleets of energy storage assets joined en-masse, giving virtualized and scalable load shaving plus grid boost functions quickly distributed across the plant.

The EnergyWatch™ storage applications include:

  • Grid congestion solutions that earn REC’s for curtailment
  • Solar Parks capacity addition and time shifts of energy from peak to off-peak
  • Non-idling instant peaker plant that affords no fuel cost or GHG cost
  • Power factor correction with active reactance / capacitance option
  • Frequency control by FERC standards using stored energy
  • Black start cornerstone after grid collapse and generation re-sync
  • Power quality and voltage support at substations and load centers
  • Time shift of excess night capacity in base generation to peak use
  • Levelizing renewable generation sources from wind, tidal or solar
  • Distributed emergency back-up island in sub-station generation outage
  • Centralized micro-grids for factories, smart cities and emergency facilities
  • Energy resiliency and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Demand response and aggregation of energy
  • Wind Farm smoothing of cut outs, wide wind speeds, and daily patterns
  • Wind Farm time shift of wind energy from off-peak to on-peak use
  • Wind Farm ramp-in and ramp-out of wind by new FERC requirements
  • Demand Charge Mitigation

Web User Interface

The Web User Interface (WebUI) runs on a standard PC with standard browsers. It gives the user the ability to view and control the system by simply opening a web page from any computer over the network. The WebUI displays important system information for the EnergyVAULT™ and allows the operator to control functions of the EnergyVAULT™. It samples data from the database and displays values every two seconds.

MarketWatch Market Decision Engine

UtiliCell offers an optional state-of-art market intelligence platform. MarketWatch™ monitors power market prices and takes action based on an instant cost-benefit analysis. The system optimizes charge and discharge timing by factoring SOC, spot prices and awarded capacity. MarketWatch™ enables power traders to mitigate risk, increase returns and create innovative revenue streams.