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Our Committment to Quality

UtiliCell provides complete system design and integration services and develop optimized systems that meet our customer’s performance requirement, including power, safety, life, energy and applications, while meeting size, weight and cost targets. Utilicell offers superior turn-key storage solutions tailored to the needs of your project. Beginning with an intensive assessment of your requirements all the way through to system design and operation, we work in close collaboration with you to provide the best solution for your specific case and best return on investment by:

  • Optimizing the system size and operation using our proprietary LCOS™ (Levelized Cost of Storage) energy consultation model. Our LCOS model is the first step for saving your money and time. Allows us to optimize the design of the storage system to reduce costs and achieve higher savings. Using this model, our engineers define the optimal storage size, select the most suitable battery technology and define the operation strategy of the system. It is the first step towards achieving higher savings while accelerating the planning phase of your storage project.
  • Selecting the best battery technology and battery management system in the market.  This ensures optimal operation of the storage system to maximize revenues, battery life, safety and ease of maintenance.
  • Guaranteeing an optimal and reliable system design: we deploy high quality components following a meticulous qualification process and our longstanding experience in mechanical and electrical design.
  • Providing aggregated storage applications using our proprietary software suite to maximize return on investment by increasing revenue and reducing/avoiding costs.
  • Setting up professional project management for seamless and fast project implementation.
  • Providing a customized maintenance and service support for best lifetime functionally.

Standards and Code Compliance Features

The following standards shall be met or exceeded with the UtiliCell Energy Storage Solutions:

  • System Enclosure Shipping Split Standards: NEC & ANSI Practices.
  • System Control & Automation Standards: IEC 61131 Codesys Control & Automation Practices.
  • Battery System Standards: NEC Article 490 & Article 690 DC Practices; CPUC & IEEE DC GFCI Practices. Also, CE.
  • AC Interconnection Standards: UL 1741, IEEE 1547.1, and FERC 661A 5 cycle 15% volts LVRT, islanding and anti-islanding.
  • AC Power Quality Standards: IEEE 519.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety begins with chemistry. Lithium-ion batteries are stable chemically, which provides the foundation for safe systems while meeting the most demanding customer requirements. Multiple layers of protection are employed at the chemistry, cell and system level to achieve an energy storage solution with superior safety and abuse tolerance compared to other batteries. UtiliCell complies with or exceeds all relative laws and standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute standard ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005: Safety Through Design.

According to ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005, UtiliCell has established and implemented processes to:

  • Identify and control hazards in the design process and when changes are made in operations – which requires that: Safety design reviews be made for new and altered facilities and equipment, and a management of change system be put in place through which hazards and risks are identified and evaluated in the change process.
  • Assess the level of risk for identified hazards – for which knowledge of risk assessment methods will be necessary.
  • Utilize a specifically prescribed hierarchy of controls in dealing with hazards to achieve acceptable risk levels – in which the first steps relate to safety through design principles.
  • Avoid bringing hazards into the workplace through incorporating design and material specifications in procurement contracts for facilities, equipment and materials.